Management services

TrixAd Consulting bvba provides organizations comprehensive consulting services to strengthen, to increase profitability or to prepare to new market conditions

  • Optimizations:
    We support organizations with operational optimizations of the company or parts of the company. We define, measure, analyze, implement, evaluate and improve. Our goal is finding an alternative with the most cost effective or highest achievable performance and therefore increase profitability and the return of the business
  • Reorganisations:
    If circumstances arise in a company or part of a company because of the need to ensure profitability or to adapt to current or new market conditions, TrixAd Consulting bvba provides an analysis of an organization or a performance, identify bottlenecks, guiding solutions, giving organization proposals and guiding and implementing changes
  • Business development:
    A business development plan provides guidance and direction for an organization . We provide support for your company’s situation - and SWOT analysis, resulting in your goals, objectives and strategies. To increase the chances of success TrixAd Consulting bvba offers services in the implementation of the business plan. We provide business cases, risk analysis, return on investments, ... etc.